Sunday, February 8, 2009


No, not the Bond villain with a penchant for gold dipped hotties, but one of my favourite American architects, Myron Goldfinger.

I first stumbled across this incredible architect’s vision via a secondhand book purchased at Busy Bee’s Bookshop in Wellington, New Zealand about 4 years ago.

What strikes me about the work is that in our current time of architecture which endlessly draws from the natural beauty of Lloyd Wright and Schindler, Goldfinger offers a more futuristic, austere vision. From his website:

Inspired by his investigations into Mediterranean vernacular architecture, Myron Goldfinger has produced a significant body of work in the last twenty-five years which reflects his deep appreciation of the past - not in the sense of borrowing - but of reinterpreting those elements into a most sophisticated use of strong geometric form in building. This work represents architecture as sculpture in space …

Goldfinger brilliantly manages to pull off a daring Greek Island / Space 2001 sensibility alright - not to mention the incredible 80’s interiors whipped up by June Goldfinger (his wife) with their peach colour tones, mirrored walls and bulbous leather couches. It's housing for rock stars and porn kings with a penchant for minimalism.

Beam me up Scottie.

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