Monday, October 27, 2008


No, actually, it was Space Furniture for an intimate soiree on Monday night with the sometime designers for Edra, the Campana Brothers, who, rock star like, are on tour in Australia to showcase new and iconic pieces.

These pieces are often dismissed as purely ornamental or "furniture on acid", but once seated, your mind is altered. Edra ingeniously fuse form and function, which is obviously what places them at the top of the design game.

Furniture lovers spotted were: Frances E Parker, Julie Ewington, Robert Leonard, Amelia Gundelach, Brian Steendyk, Ingrid Richards and Tim Hill.

There was something highly addictive about lolling about on the black velveteen "Boa" lounge (pictured) drinking G&T's on a Monday evening.

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Sim said...

sounds like a fun night, brisbane is sounding cooler with each post! x