Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Unknown Patterns of Existence

An empty space is the silence that exists between 2 points somewhere in the cosmos. Has your subconscious emerged yet? If not, you obviously don't get the work of Eugene Carchesio on now at Qld Art Gallery: "Someone's Universe: the art of Eugene Carchesio".

The opening night event was held Saturday and it was an interesting mix of art + fashion world types and the noticeable inclusion of Eugene's close knit posse of musicians, artists and writers. Apparently the scene-shy artist stood by a blank wall to escape the masses, but ended up being feted like a pope by his adoring fans. Was there actual kneeling?

The "Party Like it's 1999" QAG gang (Angela Goddard, Tony Albert, Amelia Gundelach et al) hit the night spots (The Joynt, Lychee) post opening into the wee hours of Sunday morning in an effort to dismantle the patterns of their universes.

See this exquisite show until 1 February 2009.

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