Monday, November 24, 2008


Fresh from his collaboration with Louis Vuitton (remember, the dirty, psycho nurses that opened the Spring 2008 show as pictured?), American artist Richard Prince goes all furniture/art fusion this time in his current show at Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris.

Prince’s extensive book collection needed storage and hey, why not do it stylishly? As the Gagosian website says Prince “expanded the idea to include daybeds and sofas as a means of presentation. Pairing mid-century modern furniture with books, his own double-sided "Publicities" and other printed and literary material, Prince has created unified sculpture out of disparate objects.” Neat.

The "Nurse Hat Chair" pictured has been produced in an edition of 7. Ouch. Wonder how much this baby costs? More than a Vuitton handbag I assume?

Prince is truly a man of style ... geez, I just noticed he is featured in the Olsen Twins' new tome, "Influence".

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