Tuesday, November 11, 2008

June, July, August?

She was responsible for the heartbreaking film of 2005, "Me and You and Everyone We Know". Miranda July is a performance artist, writer and director who straddles a unique world of the quirky and the profound.

Her work at the recent Yokohama Biennale maintains this unique position.

In the "Swan Tool", she combines video, performance, live music and helium to tell the story of a woman who cannot decide whether to live or die. Rather than choose, she digs a hole in her backyard and buries herself. Following the self-burial she attempts to continue living and working, but the thing in the hole will not die and she is unable to forget about it.

In this performance July stands on a narrow catwalk between two screens, one behind her top half, and one in front of her bottom half.

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