Monday, February 9, 2009

Cave Man

Jethro Cave - he can inhabit the dark spaces of my mind or closet anytime.

Just like Pappa Cave (Nick that is), he is stylish, beautiful, reed thin and a hyper-hip poser, as anyone who recently witnessed Cave and the Bad Seeds at All Tomorrow's Parties in Australia will testify to. Jethro first came to our modelling consciousness in his first gig at Australian Fashion Week for the launch of Maticevski and honestly, we thought he was merely dabbling at the time. Four years on and London-based, he now counts the likes of Balenciaga and I-D Magazine as fans.

This January 2009 Parisian collaboration between Hedi Slimane and Cave reminds me of how as teenagers, we used to get out the kohl pencil, rip up some thrift clothes and attempt to emulate Blondie and any other 80's semi-punk bands, all within the daggy confines of our high school bedrooms.

Hedi sure has his finger on the pulse that so permeates the X/Y Geners rediscovering the rock gods of our 80's time - it is no accident he retains the title of "fashion genius", long after he exited Dior Homme.


Style On Track said...

He sure is an interesting character but to me he doesnt seem to have the same mystery and danger of Nick Cave ;)

Karin said...

Style on Track - totally agree, Nick is Numero Uno, but maybe we need Jethro for when Nick is no longer with us.